Paul Dallaghan

Paul is a well-known world-class yogi, scientist and teacher with a rare and complete learning across eastern and western systems. He has dedicated himself over the past 30 years to the spiritual, mental and physical unfolding and development that arises in the practice and study of yoga, the breath, and meditative techniques. His journey has moved from an initial transformation at the age of 16 to formal training from 23 onwards, followed by more than 16 years living between India and Thailand in a combination of intense practices, meditative experiences, silent retreats and numerous pilgrimages in India, Tibet and Thailand. He was one of the dedicated few to put in many months every year in the old days of ashtanga vinyasa yoga with Pattabhi Jois, certified by him, coming out of it with a thorough understanding of the asanas and their effects. Importantly, his dedication to the practice of pranayama has been uniquely developed though a traditional guru-shishya, one-to-one style, over 20 years where he carries forth the teachings of pranayama from his teacher O.P. Tiwari and the tradition of Kuvalayananda.

He has led workshops and trainings all over the world, from teaching in New York in the 1990s to his own retreat center, Samahita, in Thailand, that teaches students from all backgrounds and all levels of physical and mental readiness. In addition, he was accepted into one of the top PhD programs in the U.S. to conduct scientific research on yoga and its effects. He is still a student and loves to share and learn. He believes in the mission of spreading health and well-being through engaged participation in practices and that the worlds of yoga and meditation are one, not separate techniques, commonly united on the internal path of both an open heart and sincere self-examination. Spiritual growth and practice involves a spectrum of approaches that includes physical fitness for the body, asana for neuro-physiological cultivation and refinement, pranayama as a key to the internal, and meditative techniques of many forms to enhance the inner experience further. Music, lightness, fun, dance, sharing and caring are all integral to this process. Paul’s gift as an orator, studies as a scientist, experience from practice, and connection in teaching come through in Centered Yoga as an open-minded method to encourage inner awareness.

Fields of Teaching

Centered Yoga , Pranayama