Authorization Form for Eary Badge Collection, Hong Kong Pure Yoga Hutchison House
If you are authorizing someone for picking up your badge: 

2. Please provide your pick-up person a pri nt-out copy of your REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION

3. Please provide your pick-up person of your PHOTO ID with name on it (*Photo ID must match the registered name on the email confirmation)
4. Please ensure pick-up person brings a copy of their PHOTO ID - name must match that on the Authorization form 
5. Please ensure that you have uploaded your profile photo successfully before authorizing pickup – see above

** If someone has registered for you and your ticket is not under your name and you need that changed, please email us here to update immediately:



a.       Once your badge if picked up, you are fully responsible for your badge.

b.       NO REPLACEMENTS, credits or refunds for lost or stolen badges. You will be required to purchase a new one if you need re-issuance.

c.       4-day pass holders get one complimentary class change (visit) onsite

d.       All other class changes will incur HK$100 per change