How are workshops at Asia Yoga Conference different from your regular yoga class at the studio?

Here are three top reasons:

  • Enhanced Understanding
    You gain knowledge beyond common understanding and ways to improve and advance your practice
  • Personal Attention
    Designed around a personal theme, emphasis and intention
  • Specified Intention
    Workshops help serve a specific need, helps you go deeper


All workshops are taught in English, some offered together with Chinese Mandarin interpretation. Please use the filter function to select the language translation required.

Class Levels

All Levels
Participants of all abilities, levels, disciplines and interests. Modifications will be offered for varying levels.

Absolute beginners to yoga. Very basics and foundations of the practice will be covered.

Participants who have been practising for at least 6 months or whom are relatively flexible, strong and fit.

Practitioners proficient in advanced postures and techniques that require complete flexibility and bodily strength. Intermediate students welcome if they would like to be challenged to the next level.

Suitable for all levels especially beginners. These workshops are gentle with a primary focus on a healing and therapy. Recommended for those want to learn or have injuries, conditions or certain ailment(s).

type of workshops

2-hour Workshop 2-hours
Educational focused sessions concentrating mainly on a defined area of concern. Most workshops involve mostly asana or practice and some lecture. Widest spectrum of sessions offered for all levels.

Lecture 2-3 hours
All lectures take place in the theatre style lecture halls. Lectures focus on deeper facets of yoga and other diverse topics and dimensions. Open to all levels, lecture only no asana practice – some may include meditation, Q&A, chanting, discussions. Please bring and notebook and pen for notes.

Half-Day Intensive 3-hours
More intense educational focused sessions concentrating mainly on a defined area of concern taking you deeper into your practice and knowledge offering greater insight into the topic and practice.

All-Day Intensives / Continuing Education for Teachers (CET) 6-hours
These workshops are aimed at more experienced practitioners or teachers. For yoga teachers, teachers in training or anyone who is interested in deepening their practice, skills and knowledge in exploration of new methodologies or techniques.

Community Events
Complimentary events open to the general public – registration not required. Open to all levels!

Special Events
Special events where registration and purchase is required.