Marysia Do

Marysia loves handstands and every variation thereof. Who doesn't like having their world turned upside down from time to time? At seventeen she took her first little flip around when she moved from New York to California to attend USC. There, in Santa Monica, she spent the past ten years refining her yoga practice with her fabulously fun, yet intensely strict teachers. After graduating from USC, she spent the next four years in graduate school studying Chinese Medicine. Marysia is a licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist. Her daily handstanding-flow-yoga practice helped prepare her for the next big flip which took her across the globe to Singapore in September 2013. Learning about life from yet another perspective.
In a short amount of time Marysia became famous all over South East Asia, Australia and in the Middle East for her ability to expedite the journey into advanced asana using both innovative and traditional techniques.  She teaches a blend of LA flow with an eastern twist and lots of pragmatic innovation. She studied gymnastics with Ido Portal to learn new techniques and Chinese Medicine is a big influence in how she sees and interacts with the body.
Marysia serves her students from the bottom of her soul and with honesty to provide any tools that would be pragmatic to them.  She enjoys stepping outside her comfort zone and encourages her yoga students to do the same. Although she loves "crazy" yoga postures, she is pragmatic. She believes that building a sustainable daily practice requires a deeper level of awareness. In her class you will refine simple postures and build a strong foundation. Marysia is meticulous when it comes to alignment. She sees yoga as a healing art that, when practised mindfully, will never cause injury. With a strong foundation and a lot of core work, students have quick access to postures they may never have thought possible. Students will have an opportunity to conquer fears and overcome obstacles in a safe environment.
She now lives in Denver, Colorado and looks forward to sharing her acquired knowledge with the western yoga world.