Yogi Mohan

Yogi Mohan was born in the Himalaya Mountains, the birthplace of Yoga, and raised in the valley of Himalayas, Rishikesh, the world capital of Yoga. He had his first yoga class at the age of 13, and since have practiced and lived with numerous yoga masters in Rishikesh, to learn about the yogic traditions. With the blessings of his masters, he went to university to complete his education in the most renowned institution of Yoga in India Additionally, he has received continuous training under the guidance of Shri O.P Tiwari, in pranayama, who has become over the years a true mentor to Yogi Mohan.
After finishing his university studies, Yogi Mohan pursuit deeper knowledge in Yoga therapy at Vivekananda Yoga Institution. With his affluent education background and abundant teaching experiences, Yogi Mohan became the head of the teaching department of Parmarth Niketan in 2000. There, Yogi Mohan led teacher-training programs with students coming from all over the world. Since, Yogi Mohan has been continuous guest teacher at the International Yoga Festival in Rishikesh.
In 2003, Yogi Mohan founded with Yin Yan, experienced and prominent media figure in China, YogiYoga (China). Since, he has led his teaching team to develop multiple trainings in China which includes 250 hours basic TTC, 400 hours Yoga Therapy Programs, which lead beginner practitioners to well-rounded yoga teachers. Today, YogiYoga colleges cover four major cities in China – Beijing, HangZhou, GuangZhou and ChengDu. During his time in China, Yogi Mohan has also published multiple yoga illustrated books and films in mandarin, such as “Pure Yoga - Traditional Indian Yoga Practice Hand Book”and 13 series of yoga practice “Yoga Realm” produced by CCTV;which has become for many mandarin practitioners today a milestone in their debut of yoga. Up to today, Yogi Mohan has been teaching over 20 years and thousands of yoga students active today and teaching not only in China but around the world.