Christophe Blanc

This French native has been an international presenter and a world aerobic champion.

Christophe chose to pursue a career in group fitness stemming from his love of dance and music (not to mention an opportunity to "show off" from time to time). His repertoire includes Aerobics, Step, Total Body Conditioning and ViPR along with BODYPUMP and BODYATTACK. A fearless coach with infectious energy and an undeniable je ne sais quoi.

Qualification Highlights

• Hi-Lo Individual Pro World Champion - Belgrade, 2007 • France Hi-Lo Individual Pro Vice-Champion - Biarritz, 2007 • Placed 6th at European Step Team Championship - Helsinki, 2006 • International Fitness Presenter since 2007 • Personal Trainer since 2006 • Aeroclassic by Guillermo Gonzales Vega - Paris, May 2010 • Pro Instructor, BODYATTACK™ - Paris, March 2010 • Pro Instructor, BODYJAM™ - Paris, January 2010 • Advanced Instructor Module, Les Mills™ - Paris, November 2009 • Sales and Marketing & Product Organization, Les Mills™ - Paris, September 2009 • National Diploma of Physical Education - CREPS Vichy Auvergne, June 2002 • Certified in ViPR • TRX Certified Instructor • Certified in Rumble Roller - Self Myofascial Release Techniques

Training Areas Aerobics: Dance, Fatburner, Hi/Lo and advanced High Impact classes Step Workout: Beginners to Advanced levels Total Body Conditioning: Legs, Bums & Tums incorporating hand weights, body bars, dynabands & Xertubes BODYATTACK™ BODYJAM™ BODYPUMP™ SPRINT™ THE TRIP™ SMR TRX SGT RUMBLE ROLLER TERRA CORE