Sonia Samtani

Sonia Samtani is the Founder and Managing Director of Sonia Samtani Limited & All About You, a Wellness Centre dedicated to mental, emotional and spiritual growth in Hong Kong.  Sonia is a licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist, qualified Life Coach, certified Corporate Trainer, accredited Image Expert, Family Constellation Facilitator, certified Transpersonal Regression Therapist, and Public Speaking Coach.  Sonia has an inherent passion to raise people’s consciousness to bring more peace and acceptance to their lives; this is reflected in her workshops, trainings and bespoke individual consultations. Sonia has been practicing hypnotherapy, coaching, regression therapy, and inner child healing since 2005. Her work has been successful in resolving thousands of issues including overcoming phobias, anxiety, limiting beliefs, releasing trauma, finding one’s life purpose, releasing physical pain, weight management, depression, and overcoming loss.
Sonia is a 2-time TedX speaker and sought after presenter for various topics of mental wellness, including the mind-body connection, the power of the mind, manifestation, and overcoming limiting beliefs.   Sonia regularly conducts workshops on personal development where she creates the momentum for her clients to take action and accountability for their lives so that they can live with more peace and harmony. She is also a licensed facilitator of the Integrated Clinical Hypnotherapy Curriculum where she trains individuals to become licensed hypnotherapists.  
Sonia is passionate about bringing mental wellness to corporations to bring about a more conscious and mindful way of working, which serves both the individuals and Companies.  Having worked with reputable brands like Baker & McKenzie, Scadden, Daiwa Investments, HSBC, CSLA, Four Seasons, The Venetian, Merril Lynch, and Michael Page, she enjoys assisting both individuals and companies to maintain top health and peak performance.
In 2005, Sonia was handpicked to be a Senior Mentor on the team of Anthony Robbins, the world famous success coach during his sell-out seminars.   In her years as a business owner and hypnotherapy expert, Sonia has made several television and radio appearances and has been featured in national press, both locally and overseas. In 2018, CMO Asia awarded her as one of Hong Kong’s top woman’s leaders in her field. Having started her career in mental wellness in her early twenties, she has now personally trained, coached and healed over twenty thousand people to overcome issues and manifest greater success and well-being.