Jill Lander

Based in HONG KONG since 1977, Jill truly lives and breathes her Feng Shui practice.
Born in the heart of WALES in the UK from an early age, she always had a special relationship with why and how things work well when a subtle shift of certain items (in even her smallest of bedrooms at the time) would make her feel more comfortable and be able to concentrate better. Despite being of a young and impressionable age and with no idea what Feng Shui was, she knew she could feel energy and was only able to truly understand what that was about when she arrived in HK at the tender age of 20.  She now realises that she was seeking out her true path – her authentic destiny!
Feng Shui whether through Chinese or Western eyes is Feng Shui. She  practices Authentic and Classical methods whilst offering clients a unique and practical perspective with guidance on how to best maximize personal space and energy at any given time, taking into consideration a person’s personal birth chart and that of any property.
A graduate of the art of space alignment, her practice and passion continues to grow by being able to live and combine a truly authentic lifestyle balancing her western roots into an eastern lifestyle.
Classically trained with some of the greatest and most generous of Feng Shui masters in Asia, she is a master graduate of the art of space alignment and Chinese metaphysics.  Jill inspires her clients to maximise their true potential using authentic  Feng Shui and Chinese Astrology with a practical and logical approach.
Jill’s practice claims international respect in the corporate world both in HK and in Europe. Major banking organisations seek her expertise and she has several of the top banks in HK on her client list. Jill also writes has a regular blog for one of HK’s most exclusive real estate agents.
The one aspect that makes Jill unique is that she is in a position to truly explain to her clients the essence of Feng Shui principles, as spreading the word and releasing the ‘mystery’ that has been attached to Feng Shui is her priority.