Yogini Kaliji

Founder of TriYoga, Kaliji is internationally renowned as a yogini and founder of TriYoga. With natural intuitive ability, she shares the range of yoga practices and philosophy in a way that is understood by people of diverse backgrounds. Traveling throughout the world to offer TriYoga, Kaliji has presented over 50 keynote addresses and programs at yoga conferences and other venues. Kaliji was featured in the book Secrets of the World’s Inspirational Women, with photos of the women in the prestigious National Portrait Gallery in London. In the tradition of ancient yoga, the origin and development of TriYoga is guided by Kriyavati siddhi (kundalini manifesting as yogaflow), as expressed through Kaliji. In this way, she has brought forth a complete method of yoga, including more than 1,300 hasta (hand) mudras and the systematization of asana and pranayama. Over 2,200 certified teachers share TriYoga in more than 40 countries, and 60+ TriYoga Centers/Communities have been established, including centers in Australia, Austria, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan and the United States.
Kaliji is a member of Chant Club®, a music ensemble presenting Sanskrit chants in call-and-response style. Vegan for over 40 years, Kaliji teaches the ahimsa trinity for animals, ecology and health. Kaliji’s presence, her mastery of the flow and the ageless wisdom inherent in TriYoga have inspired countless people worldwide. 
In addition, Kaliji has been featured:
Daily on Chinese television in TriYoga with Kaliji (2006 – present) In the book Secrets of the World’s Inspirational Women by Zerbanoo Gifford, with portraits of the women in the National Portrait Gallery in London (2007) As a guest speaker at Tampa General Hospital for the Integrative Medicine seminar for cardiologists and other health professionals in Tampa, Florida (November 2004) On the Brazilian television show Zona Zen, the largest health-oriented program in Brazil. Over 6 million people saw the segment (2001) On the PBS Special entitled Healthy Living, a television series hosted by Jane Seymour, which was shown in over 25 countries (2000) As a highly rated presenter for the Young Presidents' Organization (1995-1999) As a regular guest presenter at Vivekananda Yoga Research in Bangalore, India At other conferences including Yoga Journal Conference and Unity in Yoga
Additional Facts on Kaliji Include:
Created TriYoga DVDs Voted Yoga Teacher of the Year by Samata International (1991) Served on the executive board of EarthSave and Unity in Yoga Served on the advisory board for YES (Youth for Environmental Sanity) and Vegetarian Lifestyle magazine Serves on the executive board of Datta Yoga Center and Yoga Sangeeta