Zeo Sheehan

Zeo Sheehan is a spiritual healer and teacher with 20 years of experience and dedication in the area of spirituality, healing and natural health.
He is specialised in providing channeled guidance for all life areas from the enlightened realms of consciousness and Akashic readings to clear deep-seated present- and past life dynamics/karma.
Through private sessions and short workshops that include channeled transmissions he assists people to accelerate and empower their own journey into a more conscious and joyful life.
Starting with an dedicated study and exploration of Tibetan Buddhism in 1994, his path has led to a deep understanding of the spiritual journey and the steps that are part of embracing one's divine nature.
Zeo is a Graduate of the Sacred Mystery school and has been training and working closely with the Ascended Masters (beings of enlightened consciousness) since 2004.
Providing channeled guidance or truth from a higher perspective continues to be Zeo's main focus that inspires him to offer individual sessions and also develop short workshops that uplift and accelerate consciousness.
The workshops incorporate spiritual knowledge, channeled healing meditations, Q+A with participants plus sacred art or healing mandalas to create a powerful mix for the transformation of one's consciousness.
"My mission is to open pathways in your life that enable more grace, clarity and joy to manifest in your daily life and accelerate your soul's journey. I assist people to transform their lives in a positive way by compassionately offering clear spiritual guidance that is easy to understand and digest so it can be incorporated into one's daily life. I am a channel for enlightened consciousness, I use the Akashic records and sacred sound to accelerate a soul's healing and to help with the birthing and manifestation of a souls purpose on the physical plane."
Currently based in Sydney, Australia, he travels to Asia and Europe regularly to offer his services