Xiaoyuan Zhou

The founder of Kun Tai Chi Yoga, the thirteenth generation inheritor of Chen-style Taijiquan, the champion of Chen-style Taijiquan women's team in the Hong Kong International Taijiquan competition. Since the development of Tai Chi Yoga in 2006, it has been the first teacher in China to integrate Tai Chi and Yoga into a complete teaching system after 13 years. So far, Tai Chi yoga teachers have been trained all over the world. Published the book "Walking between the Mind."
Tai Chi Yoga takes Chinese and Western cultural philosophy as the soil and Tai Chi thinking as the foundation. In the respect and refinement of traditional culture, it forms a unique philosophy of Tai Chi Yoga. Each point of view, both expressed and confirmed, can be seen everywhere behind the body. There are inheritance, hierarchy, connotation, the life state of literary and artistic atmosphere and the spirit of Oriental culture