Ana Forrest is an inspiration and has been changing people’s lives for over 40 years. She is an internationally-recognized pioneer in yoga and emotional healing, a Medicine Woman, the creatrix of Forrest Yoga, author of the highly-acclaimed book, Fierce Medicine: Breakthrough Practices to Heal the Body and Ignite the Spirit, and is one of the most respected yoginis on the planet.
Forrest Yoga is renowned globally as a powerful, therapeutic, internally focused practice that emphasizes how to carry a transformative experience off the mat and into daily life. Ana created Forrest Yoga while working through her own healing from her life’s trauma and experience and she teaches yoga from an intuitive and highly-developed understanding of the human body and psyche. Native American Medicine and the clinical application of healing modalities—including homeopathic and naturopathic remedies, anatomy, reflexology, pressure point therapy, craniosacral therapies, Shiatsu, chiropractic and hands on healing—always inform her work. 
Ana is also a certified regression therapist, Reiki Master, ordained practitioner of Native American Medicine and consultant to a number of education and research bodies, including: F.A.R.E. Play (Foundation for Athletic Research and Education) and The University of Bridgeport College of Chiropractic.
Ana’s Spirit pledge is to do her part in ‘Mending (Healing) the Hoop of the People’. This is her life’s work. Each year she gives thousands of people the tools to help them design a life that they are proud of. With Ana’s meticulous guidance, her students cultivate an acute awareness of their own yoga practice and life, resulting in an exhilarating journey into self-discovery, cleansing, and healing. Her tribe of Forrest Yoga teachers around the world pledge to help Ana fulfil her Spirit Pledge by contrbuting to Mending the Hoop.
Ana has received a Los Angeles Mayoral Commendation for her outstanding teaching and healing work in the community — the first time a major U.S. city bestowed such an honor on a yogi or yogini! She headlines at Yoga Journal Live, Asia Yoga Conference, Wanderlust festivals, The Big Web Yoga Weekend and contributes regularly to many yoga, health and Spirituality publications. Ana guest lectures at educational institutions and runs 5-8 Forrest Yoga Teacher Training programs every year. 
Fierce Medicine is published in English, German, Russian, Turkish (Korean coming soon), and as an audio book, read by Ana herself.
Ana creates and co-teaches all of her workshops and events with her partner, Medicine Man Jose Calarco. Each yoga event is filled with Ceremony, song, music, culture and sublimely sequenced Forrest Yoga asana.
Music: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/artist/jose-calarco/1261091960